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my band has a singer (he's also lead guitarist). and he has major problems. his voice is actually pretty good, but when he plays, he messes up his singing, and when he sings he messes up his playing.
for our 1st gig we made him play bass, and it wasn't very good, cause our bassist had to play lead (boy was he unhappy)
our 2nd gig he sung and played lead, but we barely managed to hold it together, because he was dragging like heck.
what should we do? apart from dropping him, cause that's really not an option?


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Tell him to pull his arse into gear and learn to sing and play lead at the same time, without fucking up. Hendrix did it, Vaughan did it, Gallagher did it, there's no reason he can't.
Well, aside from the fact those three are on a different level to most people, but never mind that.

In all seriousness though, if he practices and he still can't get it, then get him to just play lead, and find another singer, or have him sing and find another lead guitarist.
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i agree. anyone can play lead guitar, but you should make him sing if he's that good and find another lead.
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if he's a great guitarist... then let him b the lead guitarist and find some1 2 sing

if he's way better at singin..... then find another lead guitarist.
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see i disagree, not just anyone can play a GOOD lead guitar, have him keep practicing, the thing w/ singing and playing guitar in general is that you have to know the guitar parts by muscle memory real well to sing along w/ it...... i'd say practice practice practice
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I had a similar thread to this and the answer I got was practice till you catch AIDS
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