Have any of ye heard this band, I think they are pretty good anyway....Im not sure are they punk but thats how they are classified....
Golden brown texture like sun!... SNATCH!.... GOLDEN BROWN SUCH AN ACE SONG!

Grimes - Everyones Favourite Northerner!
personally i'm not a fan, granted all i ever listened to was like a best of cd my dad had, but it didn't make an impression on me
are there any horse socks? is anyone listening to me?
One of my favourite punk bands ever. Rattus Norgevicus, No More Heroes and The Raven are such classic albums.
I get annoyed when people treat it as if they only have one song (Golden Brown) Sure it's a great song, but they have so much better.
Great band, 'peaches' was their best track by a long way. Got my parent's copy of 'Rattus Norvegicus' on vinyl lying around somewhere in my room and I've got a copy of one of their 'greatest hits' CDs which I bought years ago. Top stuff, just don't get around to listening to them so much anymore.
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I only found out a few weeks ago that their bassist JJ Burnel sings lead vocals on alot of their songs. His and Hugh Cornell's vocals sound pretty similar tone wise, but now I know I can tell quite easily as JJ's vocals are a lot more punky and aggressive.
I love the Stranglers, but "Golden Brown" is them at their worst.
Even the song "Always The Sun" is better than that POS.
Punk bands should NEVER play waltzes (or fugues or baroque chamber music or whatever you want to call it).

The great Stranglers songs, IMHO, are.....

Something Better Change
No More Heroes
London Lady
Shut Up
Get A Grip On Yourself
Hangin' Around