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Owt from american idiot and minority + macys day parade
Originally Posted by Eric 666
if I had sex with my clone...I'd have a big dick in my ass.

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I mean 'Really Retarded' in the nicest way possible by the way.

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wake me up when september's like so it
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lol vlp, so punk , im gonna go longview or brainstew
Originally posted by mydadisjewish
people have different tastes. for example, i like good music, u like your dad's testicles.
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She, When I Come Around, Brain Stew, and WMUWSE
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Others I really love in Chronological order: Dry Ice, 2000 Light-Years Away, One of My Lies, Longview, Basket Case, Stuart and the Avenue, Brain Stew, Nice Guys Finish Last, Worry Rock, Deadbeat Holiday, Minority, Ha Ha You're Dead, Give Me Novacaine, Letterbomb
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i like (old) green day but they are punk pop and im sorry they dont belong here.