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i am not your friend
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"untitled viii"

the tremulant heard that this was maladaptive in structure
as the colossal statue clandestinely crumbles in fear
the apathetic heavens settle in laughter
"that deviant has had this coming for years."

but we'll dance, we'll dance as nature intended,
and even though the hills are blind, the trees have eyes.
and we despise them for evoking such subtle silence.
"have patience, dispel the daybreak", whispers the wind,
"they shall never see the sun rise."

oh, we'll catch them off guard.
so let us rejoice because they'll never hear us coming.
they'll never hear us.

glory be the day the heavens fail and the earth is shun by a deviants veil.

Gamma Rays Have Nothing Against Alpha, They Just Want To Beat Beta

Abstract abnormalities only deserve the utmost respect
Serving only to the richest of thought processes and
Denying those still watiting in line
"Do you have a reservation?" Sorry, waiting time is 20 minutes
Your mind will begin to actually work when your table is ready
Until then just sit and stare at the blank spots on the wall.

Begin, to find the middle and then will you end
End only to begin and
Round and round we go, its a never-ending shape
Where we'll need to find "X" though its on top of Figure A
While Figure B is left out for we only had to choose one out of three
Thats complex arithmetic for you.

Success or failure
Failure or falter
Falter or persist
Persist or give up
Give up or succeed

Its all just synonyms and antonyms and homophones and homonyms
So much confusion to find the right words within
The dictionary fails to allow us to use the search feature
And the same facility of speech remains open
Though its way past closing.

Red light or green light
Where will you cross
Will you make it home
Or lay inbetween the white lines
Its where you'll wind up anyway.

Blank stares, lively thoughts
Your last rememberance was when
We carved "I love you" into trees with sap-filled hearts
But instead of a heart,
We carved our names in a circle
Because hearts can be broken, but circles go on forever

i am not your friend
Join date: Nov 2004
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yes this is for second place the top 3 get points and they ended up in a tie so here is the tie breaker
An Unfortunate Seduction
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