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well.... first write a story ya know?

just like map out characters, plot, etc.

then write badass tunes lol.

good luck man.
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Quote by Shadowz_at_Dawn
how should i go about making a concept album? or better yet is it a good idea?

First you come up with a concept. Then, once you think you have a good one, you make an album out of it. Blissful
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that is what i am doing, it is just going to be purely bass unless i can get my band to agree to do an entire album written just by me, and only do covers of my choosing, but since we dont like dictatorship in bands it wont happen.
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how should i go about making a concept album? or better yet is it a good idea?

I think it would be really really hard and you wouldnt get much satisfaction for you time and money (if that makes sense). making an album is a good idea making a concept album (in my opinion) isnt a good idea. But good luck with whatever you decide to do
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Sketch out everything you want to include in this concept. Recurring themes you plan on using, the general "story" or "plot", what different songs will be about. Then just write out all the song lyrics (assuming the album will have singing on it, and won't just be an instrumental concept album). Lyrics and music have to work together in a really tight way on a concept album, so put thought into the music as you are writing lyrics, but the lyrics are easier to write first, then base the music around them. And finally, write the music, then record.

Oh, and that guy ^ doesn't know what he's talking about. Successfully making a concept album is a huge feat to accomplish, and much more satisfying than just throwing together any songs.
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Quote by rathmusbass
that is what i am doing, it is just going to be purely bass unless i can get my band to agree to do an entire album written just by me, and only do covers of my choosing, but since we dont like dictatorship in bands it wont happen.

You'll become the next Roger Waters, and everybody loves him

But seriously, you're on the right track. It'll be more power to you in the band as a songwriter, and while you can write the most of it, there's no harm in taking on board some of the other band's ideas and incorporating it into your original ideas.
One thing I'd advice though, is instead a bass, try and record a very rough demo with vocals and an acoustic guitar. It'll give the song a bit more of a structure and bring out any fuller potential.

And of course the essential with songwriting: write the song(s), and leave them for a week. Go back and look at them, if you like them, then great, if you don't, scrap them. If you like them, record them, and leave it for a week again. Then if you still like them, you're good to go.

A good concept album is very challenging, so good luck with that.
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well so far i have wittled my 28 lyrics down to 6 songs. i was just critical of all my songs and now i ended up with six. and i really like them all but theres only 3 or 4 that would fit with any story. i've posted 4 of these 6 songs on the songwriting and lyrics forum. i'm also working on a seventh. but now i'm not too sure that i can do it.
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I'm writing a concept album myself, and I have nearly all of the music written, but as of yet, I've hit a snag trying to come up with a story. That's probably not the best way to do it.
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I spent a while trying to make something of several ideas with no avail, until one one boring raining sunday afternoon I decided to write a musicial about the Cold War.

The hardest part is having a story that is well spaced out between all the songs, and keeping up the consistency.
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Haha, my friend who's in another band and myself plan to team up over the summer and write a concept album about this wierd old teacher at our school. All we know so far is that our protagonist is going to find this Druid wizard guy (the teacher) in the woods one day.
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I'm writing one. It's mostly autobiographical. If you're gonna do one, here's some reccommended listening:

-The Who, Floyd: too opera-ish for my taste, I prefer a story less extravagant, but to each his own...

-Coheed and Cambria:some of my favorites. Great story, look for inspiration on character development. he's good at that

-He Is Legend:my all-time favorite concept album. great use of theme, as well as allusion, which makes any story more interesting


-a good concept album shouldn't just tell you what's going on. HIL gets a little too cryptic at times, which isn't good, either.

-You also have to follow through. Don't get lazy towards the end and make sure all of the songs, because then it could be anti-climactic.

-Also, the music must fit perfectly with the story. Note the amazing opening to 'In Keeping Secrets' and the climactic 'I Am Hollywood'. The chase scenes in Co&Ca's are upbeat and quick tempoed.

I hope that I have helped you. Good luck with all of this.
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imho, concept albums are awesome, as long as they are done right. take as long as you need mapping out all the characters and plots and where they will intertwine and make sure it all comes together right. my advice, do it but defiantely dont rush it.
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Make it like an essay. Ive written 3 concept albums now and i find its easy (once you have inspiration, of course) to draw up a plan--an outline. Figure out who the characters are, the message you're trying to get across, the number of songs, what each song's purpose is, the style of song it is, etc., etc.

Once that's all good, just put the idea into music.
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