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Yeah I wanna see who People Are looking up to for inspiration when playing guitar/bass

Mine are

Alexi Laiho- children of bodom- not the best guitarist just i like his style of playing
Yngwie Malmsteen- You have Just Unleashed The F---ing Fury! What else need to be said?
jimi hendrix-GOD
If you know what I mean
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John Petrucci - Makes really good music.
Steve Vai - Incredible player.

Oh and this is a really overdone thread.
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Vai has always been my role model when it comes to a peak in guitar talent. Ever since i heard Eugene's Trick Bag years ago i go nuts over practicing (i now know it and it's almost to speed :-P) and so yeah i practice like 6-10 hrs a day (vai practiced like what...10 hrs a day for 16 years?)

other than that Jesus is my inspiration for everything. If he can die on a cross for everyone, i can play guitar for extended periods of time :-P
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Mines George Harrison. He wrote birlliant songs and was a good guitar player
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James Hetfield.. :P My idol.
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Dave Gilmour, Matthew Bellamy, SRV, Omar Rodriguez and Jonny Greenwood.
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David Gilmour
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Eric Clapton
Jimmy Pop
Steve Miller
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slash, srv, mab, dg, js, zw, and bs, all amazing players......
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thats all folks
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You're going to see a lot of the typical here. I'm thinking more of somebody like Joe Perry. He was able to rock it on the guitar when necessary yet managed to compose the beautiful guitar in "Dream On"

Much similar to Slash in GnR -- the legendary soft song, of course is none other than November Rain