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Ever since the Smashing Pumpkins reunited, I was wondering what other bands should reunite.

I think the Verve should, they only had 3 albums and I think they could have done better with their careers.
What do you guys think?
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i think blink 182 should
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Journey with Steve Perry.


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I dont know if they are up any of your alleys or if you even know of them, but I definitely think Dispatch needs to get back together....they are amazing
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Blink 182
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And if certain people hadn't been shot by bastards then I'd love to see Nirvana and Pantera
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Umm i would have to say Zeromancer how i yearn for another Eurotrash record

whether anyone knows who they are i dont know but thats what i hope for
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^unfortunatly RATM probably will never get back together seeing as Zack Did not leave onn good terms
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Quote by Syn Harvest
^unfortunatly RATM probably will never get back together seeing as Zack Did not leave onn good terms

True. Oh well.
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well your cool you have a taste in music but anyone else....

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^ yes old tbs would be nice

saison (sp) with anthony green who i met tonight

at the drive in

and most importantly Refused
How has noone said Pink Floyd yet

did you know the major scale on a piano, starting at whatever note (lets say E). you just go straight up the white keys without hitting a black one. and you got the major scale.

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Old incubus, rage against the m achine, definitly A perfect circle, Soundgarden, van halen not van hagar, ummm yea
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Old incubus, rage against the m achine, definitly A perfect circle, Soundgarden, van halen not van hagar, ummm yea

Yes, definitely A Perfect Cirlce...not any time soon though..Right now it's all about Tool. But I really do wish they'd go back together and make another album once Maynard is done with Tool...things aren't looking too good though.
Maynard said he wasnt going to participate in A Perfect Circle anymore he says there done and i think thats good i love APC but eMotive was bull****
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ac/dc ??????????????????????????

AC/DC r still goin, i even heard a rumor that they were goin on tour sometime this year, but it was only a rumor so don't blame me if they don't
Well, AC/DC never 'broke up' or anything.

Guns N Roses is definately one that should. Last I heard about this, Slash was willing to but ONLY if the original GnR gets together. Axl refuses to without his new 'hired guns' so...there you go. Frickin' Axl.

I don't know who posted it earlier, but they were spot on: The David Lee Roth Van Halen definately should reunite! Since they won't, Eddie should go solo :P
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Rage Against the Machine

Now tom Merello is in Audioslave and he was doing better I think but now word is thet audioslave is breaking up.......
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I second Saosin. I miss Anthony Green even though Cove is pretty good when he's not trying to be Anthony. I don't know about Taking Back Sunday, I like Adam Lazarra. And most definately, BLINK 182! They should so come back. Where else are you supposed to find funny yet somehow meaningful songs that can cheer you up even after having the crappiest day of your life. Man I miss them.
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Siouxsie and the Banshees!

and RATM
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curse that cornell guy, he rocks, but he doesn't 'grunge' anymore!
soundgarden is the only band that made true grunge
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Blink 182
Boxcar racer (at least one more album! It felt like a damn one night stand!)

I'm so glad the Smashing Pumpkins are coming back but I wish it would be sooner
anthony green is now in circa survive. and comparatively speaking circa's music beats the **** out of saosin's

... and cove is a terrible vocalist live :/

EDIT: oh and to stay on topic. I wish Refused would regroup, even though they said they won't ever...
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Whitesnake with Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden and John Lord.
Pink Floyd
The Faces (With Ron Wood and Rod Stewart)
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