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im in a band that plays slow, coldplay like music with a pianist and rock, emoish music. in the rock music, the piano doesnt play. what should she do when were doing the rock songs? she cant just sit there can she?
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I don't see why not? She could step off to the side of the stage maybe. You could always lets her add piano parts to the rock songs for more fullness.
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Throw in some synth stuff in the rock music. Danceable rock seems rather popular right now.

If you do not have a synth or keyboard (which I don't see why you wouldn't, it's not like lugging a piano around is very practical) give her a tambourine for now, make her do backing vocals, and try to get her to learn guitar. I'm sure there are roles she can fill, and it's much better than paying someone to only play for half a gig.

EDIT: For anyone who wonders about "danceable rock" I mean Kaiser Chiefs kinda stuff.
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yeah, just add some parts that arent like a solo just in the background. or of course she could just step off stage
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back up singing (if she can sing). or as they said add keyboard parts. if theres a band with two guitarists and a song with only one guitar part, you dont tell one of the guitarists to f*ck off you just make a part for them.