Inspired by 70's and 80's punk, Hanover Saints goal is to play music with heart, soul and conviction. Their songs cover a wide variety of topics including family, community, friendship, loyalty, faith, human rights, working class ethics, and solidarity. Hanover Saints have always been a band "for the people, by the people." We try to make everyone to feel welcome no matter what their differences may be in an effort to better ourselves and an attempt to achieve common ground and understanding. The stage is not only ours but yours in the true spirit of punk rock.


For fans of the Whiskey Rebels, Hudson Falcons and Pressure Point
the songs on myspace suck, so you should try and find this CD:

Whiskey Rebels side:

1. The World is Yours
2. Pass the Ammo
3. Pay in Pain
4. Deadly City

Hanover Saints side:

5. The Last Stand
6. Lookin' Down a Barrel
7. Just Look Around
8. Won't Fool Us Again