Any fans? My friend recommended "The Ugly Organ" to me awhile ago and I was pretty impressed, but they don't seem to get alot of mention, which is too bad.
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yeah The Ugly Organ is a great album. I couldn't stop lsitening to it for months when I first got it. Then one day I did. Yeah anyway, great band. Check out Burst & Bloom by them as well if you're looking for more stuff.

And check out Kasher's other band The Good Life, I prefer 'em tbh, though each to their own of course
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Yeah, I frickin love them, actually I love anything by Tim Kasher at the moment...

The Ugly Organ is something of a masterpiece in my humble opinion....
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i love cursive i don't have any of the albums witch is sad just a cd some one made for me but gosh they are good i can't wait for the new album and the tour

Ah, Cursive, whatta band. Tim Kasher's voice is sex.

You can't really compare The Good Life to Cursive, I mean, they're two very different types of bands.

The only thing the bands do have in common is Tim Kasher and their awesome-ness.

Eh, I really like....all albums.

Each album has their own sound. The only album that's a tad bit different is 'Such Blinding Stars'.
It's a really really depressing album, but I love it.

Can't wait for the new album. I find Cursive's best stuff was before Gretta.

i recommend burst and bloom....and the storms of early summer...and domestica
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yeah i was just going to ask will cursive by better off without Gretta, the same or worse

I think they'll still churn out the same great music.
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Ive never been able to get into Cursive : <

that's cause you suck

omg kidding <33

cursive have a new album out?! i really need to be aware of things. i had no idea haha, when's it due?
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Maybe you've heard what the ladies say: "Once you go 77mm you don't go back"
i totally am.
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Maybe you've heard what the ladies say: "Once you go 77mm you don't go back"
I only have "The Ugly Organ" and its one of my favorite albums to listen to straight through. I've never listened to other stuff by them for fear of being disappointed.
Domestica won't leave you disappointed.

the new album might. i kinda like it, but haven't found myself coming back to it.