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I was wondering if there is a possibility of seperating the Blues and Jazz forum. There is a really big difference between true blues and true jazz, and should be treated. Its sorta like mixing the Metal and Punk genres. People like Clapton, SRV, and BB King are considered Blues players. Jazz figures are like Miles Davis, Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, and the rest of the Standards writers.

If this is in the wrong spot, please move it. And don't post just to say that it is...
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Personally, i think it would be pointless. This forum rarely gets enough hits as it is, and if you were to seperate the forums there really wouldn't be any hits on either forum. Which is probably why we don't have a country forum. Besides, the blues derived from jazz. Which explains why sometimes one genre gets incorporated (sp?) with the other. It just makes more sense this way.

At least thats what I think.
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I would recommend site feedback...

I do agree that blues and jazz should be given separate forums, however, the lack of hits in the first place means that probably won't happen.

I would love a jazz forum that had something other than "What Standards Should I Learn?" but I doubt there would be enough people for the people who run the site to think it's worthwhile.