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What genre would they be classified as (my guess is alternative metal, if there is such a thing) btw check them out on their site
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Yeah hard rock or alt metal
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i have lots of trouble classifying them, as a matter of fact i posted a thread about them here before, no response. they are absolutlely amazing, i love cote, roquefort and fade. when they were sydney i was roadie 4 them, but i couldnt travel to brisbane and stuff, because of year 10 and assessments and what not, but i had a ball. they are great musicians
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hahaha man, Karnivool are hard to put in any 1 genre but the genre Mark123 mentioned "alternative metal" sounds good enough.

I saw them at big day out this year in Sydney, and there is no doubt that they were the best band that performed on the day(besides rage against the machine).