I just wanted to see how many of you guys are musicians. I would assume a good few of you are guitarists since you're on a guitar forum, but I'm a drummer haha. I used to post on here a good while back when I played guitar but a string of events led to me not playing guitar and picking up drums about a year and a half ago.

So yeah, post the instrument you play and your rig if you want.

I'm a drummer, been playing for about a year and a half. I'll post some band audio later this week after we get done with our two recordings.

My rig is in my signature.
Im a guitarist of 5 years. My set-up is: Gibson Tony Iommi SG/Squier Strat/SL Strat/Fender Acoustic > Boss TU-2 > Boss NS-2 > Peavey XXX 212 Combo (w/ Footswitch).
Guitarist 3 years. Parker p-38, Squier Strat (horrible but i swear having a crappy guitar in the beginning makes you better) Ovation Tangent series, Kustom 65 dfx Boss RP-1 (old school)
5 years playing hardcore and metal. gibson sg, peavey xxx, marshall cabs. no effects or any ogfthat stuff. samson wireless.
Guitarist of 4 years - Ibanez JTK, Peavy XXX 212 Combo

main instrument is keyboard though: basic Moog and electric organ found at a thriftstore
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