Poll: how long does your band practice
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0-30 min
0 0%
30 min- 1 hour
2 3%
1- 1.5 hrs
7 9%
1.5- 2 hrs
11 14%
2- 2.5 hrs
15 19%
2.5- 3 hrs
10 13%
3- 3.5 hrs
10 13%
3.5- 4 hrs
8 10%
4- 4.5 hrs
7 9%
4.5 hrs+
10 13%
Voters: 80.
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how long does your band practice in each practice session?
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We haven't started gigging yet, so it's pretty laid back. We basically just jam with a few shorter songs thrown in for a few hours. My bandmates are also my best friends since birth, so we make a day of practicing, leaving every now and then to do other stuff. We should probably buckle down soon, though, because we've got our inaugural show on Memorial Day weekend.
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About 4 hours. It's always been four, but we've been much more focused since we have to get our sets down.
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Around four hours... just mindless jamming, until we pull out something we like.

...basically until we get distracted my Halo.
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6 hours, but an hour of that is probably just goofing around.
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Usually around 2 hours, but in my old band Submerged in Dirt we had a 6 hour practice once I usually never made it to many of those practices though I really regret that now.
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about 2 hours everyday after school.

3-4 hours on weekends.

and plus. our electricity bill sky rocketed.

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For about 2 hours. Enough time to go through our set a couple of times, work on any new stuff, have a cup of tea, eat a sandwich and then go to the toilet several times. We gig a lot so practicing becomes less frequent because we don't have the time, and playing live is great practice in itself
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4 to 5 hours usually. Sometimes if we have a show coming up and we have to play our set we will stay as long as 8 hours. It all depends.

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We usually make an afternoon of it but don't usually play all that much...
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generally 3- 3 1/2 hours every thursday, but occasionally we'll do 4-5.

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My band's practiced from about 2 hours to probably,like,7 or 8 hours.In the beginning(with our old guitarist) it was pretty much the same,but we got jackshit done.This went on for pretty much 7 months.Now(New guitar player),when we have long practices,we usually get one new song(At times two) up and running,and we practice it along with our other 7 songs.due to us being busy with school and all,we can only practice on the weekends,but we get ALOT of work done,especially when we have 2 or 3 days of practice in a row.
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average - 3 hours. have had whole weekend...playing 8-10 hours in a day when coming up to gigs
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My band usually practices for 6-7 hours unless i can spend the night at one of their houses. Then we practice pretty much all weekend.

We practice for so long because we can only practice every weekend or so...i live a state away and my parents are less than willing to drive me there, but i can see why.
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