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they're basically amazing, they're on Dim Mak, got a sampler and they were on it, go listen to them now.

those of you who have heard them, what do you think of em?
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i hate the phrase pony up!

makes me think of pwn which automatically equals gay which in turn equals acceptable but in this case it ends at gay

i'll listen to them later
if i cut off your arms and legs
and wrap you in some fucked-up cocoon,
would you still look at me and say
"you can't catch what you can't see"
well i caught you honey,
like the clap sugar.
what do you think of that?
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Has been a little bit of attention on these gals on a couple of blogs I check every now and then, and I've got a couple of tracks from compilations. There was one at the start of last year that I quite liked called 'I heard you got action' on the Rough Trade Counter Culture CD, other than the compilation stuff though I haven't heard much.
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