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This sunday we'll have our first official appearance on a stage...we have to play for about 1/2 hour. This is our setlist:

Him - Right here in my arms
Alice cooper - poison
Him - Soul on fire
1 of our original songs
Neil young - Keep on rockin in a free world
Divlje jagode- kap po kap (it's a good rock croatian song)

1) Will it be enough to fill 1/2 hour?
2) what should we expect from people? (is this setlist good for bikers?)
3) Is it a good order of performance?

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Bikers as in motorbike riders, or as know, mountain bike riders? Also, I would change one of the HIM songs for something different. Two is too much. To figure out the time, you could always just play through the set with your band, and time it to see how long it goes for. I've never heard that last song you have on there, but consider playing Rocking in the Free World last.
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Motorbike riders...
Btw, never heard 'bout mountain bike rider's camp
Thanx for advices
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it seems like a good setlist. i would listen to rhinosaur bones and move the neil young song to last, and then if you need more time add solos to the end. my advice.
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I'd also recommend losing one of the HIM songs, maybe play some more classic rock instead, ACDC, The Who or Motorhead maybe.
And Rockin in the Free World is a great song to end a set on.
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