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i live in southwestern PA...i didnt think there would be a whole lot of local bands around. The problem is: everywhere i turn theres a new band, looking for a drummer or guitarist or something. im just starting out...just got the guitar not too long ago. I was wondering if i should go ahead and start a band and see what happens or just play on my own for fun.

My brother in law and sister used to have a band a while back but they broke up. Their band recorded some of their own stuff too. So, theres a small opportunity there i think because they seem to want to get another one together soon.

lastly, most of the bands around here play death metal and punk. I thought if maybe i played another type of music that it would balance it out and i could be just as popular or something as they would be even tho were brand new. Although, i like to play a lot of punk music...i can still play some other stuff.

what do you ladies and gents think?
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I'd say, if you got into guitar not too long ago, that you take the time to refine your skills before you start a band up.

I fell into the same trap when I started out: being really gung-ho about having a band when I wasn't necessarily ready as a guitarist and musician.

But if you feel you're ready, I think you'll know when the time is right to start up a band.

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in my city there is really only a punk scene. but i play rock, and we have found good/quick sucess because we are so different from everyone else.
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I have a theory about learning if you are good enough. Practice auditioning, and you do that by auditioning. If they turn you down, then you know you need to go back to the woodshed. If you get accepted, maybe they think you are good enough or are on the same level as you. You should be lucky you are in an area with many band oppurtunities. Our drummer quit last night and that's probably going set us back about 2 months considering how few "good" musicians are around.

Also keep in mind you don't stop practicing once you are in a band.
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