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who other than me think that Axl rose and every one else in guns n' roses shouild do a comeback show in the states. he is sexy! i wanna lick him up and down
areil6orchid i just wanna bring you down so badly
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Quote by <3 sarah
he is sexy! i wanna lick him up and down

Axl is gross.
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I think Axl Rose should be murded in his sleep. And Slash would never play with him again. Not only is he not sexy, he was voted one of the 100 most unsexy men alive in some magazine. Im a guy and I can admit when a guy is sexy. For example, I'd cheat on my girlfriend with the members of 311, now they are sexy mother****ers. Axl however is a waste of flesh.
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Because when I was younger I would wrap dollar bills around my wang while masturbating to get that extra dirty feeling.

Even though I quit doing it, it still turns me on when I see money.

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