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The Rose

Ringing is the silence, sounding so clear
And beyond the darkness is the path to our fears
So with every breath we end up falling short
And in the endless circle of fire we are caught

A distant memory of the way things were before
Is this a poison that can be cured?
Dark thoughts of what will come to be
You are the rose that has planted it?s thorn within me

The locked door to which there is no key
Where lives all things that want to be free
And only through the awakening of the flame
Can there be a release from what keeps us sane

Between the calm ocean flood and the gentle burning flame
Lays the cold earth that never washes away
Desperate desire for what can never be
You are the rose that has planted it?s thorn within me

The sun that rises on the distant dusk of day
A blood red dawn that is burning the walls away
And on the carousel we relinquish our pride
Circling the hardships that forever are strived

A winding path that can never be defied
And the burning light that can no longer be denied
Makes us realise there is nowhere left to be
Because you are the rose that has planted its thorn within me

I Love You

its nearing the fall of day
time for the sunlite to fade
as the lite goes, these feelings come in

just sitting on my bed, playing my guitar
experincing new emotions, i dont know what they are
what can they mean?
Why are they here?

why do these affections haunt me like this
why are my thoughts filled with you
i try to stop them, but i just cant get through

i remember my first girlfriend
i thought i loved her

but as i recall that piece of the past
i realise one thing and that thing is
all my sweethearts[better word???] before you were just crushes

(guitar solo)

now ive figured out what these emotions are
theyre the signs of love
theyre the hardest to come by

just sitting on my bed, playing my guitar
experincing new emotions, now I know what they are
I know what they mean
and I know why there here

because of tonite
and because of you
i now know what true love is

its me loving you

i love you
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The Rose (Blue)

I like it a lot.
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The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops moving when the music does.

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Why do I let myself drown n the tears Ive cried4u over&over again When I know that u wont rescue me?
Whats the point n smilin if u hav no1 2smile4