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When is too old to start a band.? I've started a band that consists of (2) 22 year olds and a 19 year old. I'm 20 years old. Is this too old to pursue being a band seriously. I have been playing six months, but I am miles ahead of anyone I know who has played from 1-3 years long.
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dude, ozzy, rolling stones, robert plant, and jimmy page have been rockin out since the 60;s, and still are rockin now, and thier like what? 50-60's? you are never too old to start a band
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That's not really too old, in fact that's a great age to start a band because you can get into bars, meaning more places to play.
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you're never too old! (especially at 20!) just don't go into it thinking that you could be the next greatest thing (that's for the young bucks) just go out there and play the music you want the way you want and hope people like it, maybe you'll hafta appeal to an older generation (but at age 20 i doubt it) ...hell, joey ramone was...i think like 27 when he help start the ramones!
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and its not too old because you dont have to worry so much about school, and even if you are in college, if you have a music major then you just end up being even better.

its actually the perfect age
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How the hell is 22 years old too old to form a band? When I first saw the subject line, I thought you would be in your 30's or 40s. You are never too old to join a band, but there is a line of age that makes you commercially acceptable. I would say 18-28 is a good range for that. However in certain genres you can be a little older. Especially with Country, AAA, Jazz, Classical, and Mature Rock.

Since you have only been playing for 6 months, I would strongly recommend finding a teacher. No matter how good you think you are, there are always people better than you. You are miles ahead because you've probably spent more hours with the instrument in your hand than they have. Years don't mean anything. I know a guy who claims to have been playing drums for 12 years, but if you heard him. you would probably believe he just got his drum set last Christmas.

Start networking with musicains around your age group. Even if you don't join a band now, you can still do it later. I know a band where most of the members are 19-21 and one of their guitarists is 28. However he doesn't look it.
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dude, thats the best age to start one, bars and clubs will be open for you to play at, you might get paid in beer if you can bargain with the owner (its been done), and you would be alot more experienced by that age, plus school isn't an issue, unless youre in or going to college. Work of course is gonna cut into practice time, but you do get paid, so better gear can be bought and studio recording fees can be paid.
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i believe mick mars was over 30 when he helped launch the crue into one of the 80s biggest acts and no 20 is really rather young
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Maybe get a little more experience before starting. But you are never too old to start a band. If you are 50 and have some guys who can play you can start a band. Just go for it and see what happens.

Like another guy said, you don't have school to worry about so you have lots of time to spare for practice
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your never to old for music. Rock n roll keeps you young
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Les Paul still plays regularly with a band (I think) and hes like 90 now so I think your pretty safe
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Quote by cefasnacht
you're never too old! (especially at 20!) just don't go into it thinking that you could be the next greatest thing

Not every band that is formed gets famous. Just play for the music then see if anyone notices you guys and then it'll just go from there
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Careful, people expect more from older players. For a while just be a jam band and every once in a while share the stage with or open for a better band. After a decent amount of time with that then consider really holding your own on stage (top billing). When opening for other bands ALWAYS play your own music. Basically? Just make sure you have original material before you step on stage.
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Lol, you think 20 is old?

My dad's friend who is 55 started a bluegrass band. Then again, their definition of success is playing at the fire station. Your version of success if probably becoming rich and famous.

Oh well...
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87 years old is far too old
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As everyone has said, the bottom line is, your never too old to pursue your dreams. If your dream is playing pro music then never stop and ask "am i too old?" just go ahead. Lifes too short to dream and do nothing.

If you decide that this is what you want, i wrote a lengthy reply to a question on "how to get signed" in this thread and it may help you to decide. If there is any questions from it, feel free to ask.
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never too old, my uncle is 40 odd and he started a band. they aren't still together though. but my friends dad is in a band
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yerh sorry grandad your way too old!! u may aswel get ur arse ready for the next 10 years in a home, because at 22, you are well past it
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Like these guys say, you are never too old, my guitar teacher is in his 40s and started a band about 4 months ago, they practice together, play gigs and write songs.

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dude your really young hell i was reading in a punk mag that in florida all of these old folks homes have been going punk... so there are all these 80 and 90 year olds rocking out so ur pretty damn young
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