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right now im 14 in 8th grade. my bday is in november if that matters. im a pretty good guitarist, im good enough to play the music that id want to play in a band. i have two good friends, a girl pianist who is really good and a really good girl drummer. i also know another person who plays the guitar and a bassist. all of us are 13 and 14 (me, pianist, drummer=14, other guitarist/bassist=13). so i was wondering? at what age/grade should i get some of these people and get a band started? can you ever be too young to start a band? thanks a lot!
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it doesnt really matter when, im 14 and ive been in 2 bands already, and im making my third one and were real serious about it
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Doesn't matter. Just don't expect to get famous. I've been in like 3 bands and I'm 13 so no you are never too young. Just get together, see how you guys play together and if its working keep it going and it will just go from there.
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i'm 14 and i just got my band together together today. We have 2 guitarists (me and conky420) and a bass player and a drummer. The bassist and drummer are twin sisters they are like 15/16 not too sure but probly 15 cuz they just started driver's ed. and i was begining to start a band last year but it broke up. i had written 28 song lyrics but i wittled it down to 6. and i'm hoping to write another 4 get the songs together and make a demo in the next year. but thats too far ahead to think.