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When auditioning anyone, you have to work out a few things for yourself before you even start looking for band members. For example, how much creative input do you want the member to have? If the answer is a lot, you'll want to hear some of their own stuff; but if the answer is not much, you just need to find out if they're technically good enough to play your stuff. Is your band for business or pleasure? Unless it's solely a business venture, you'll want to get on well with your band members and so you should have a chat with anyone you're auditioning rather than just hear them play. In fact, even if it is a business thing you'll still need chemistry or else look unconvincing on stage.

In short, think about what your band is all about and what it needs, then audition people based on what you decide.
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And for the dancing bassist...Go dance your ass off a bridge.

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