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I had to make a thread about my fave metalcore band of all time - DEMON HUNTER... here are some sites to check out - post your thoughts!...

3. (not updated often)
4. (new album site)
5. (record label)
6. (lead singer and guitarist do album artwork, pics, posters, shirts, etc. for the biggest bands out there!)

be sure to check out the awesome music video for "Undying" it go t rejected by Fuse without explantion but Headbanger's ball is giving it LOTS of airplay.
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check out The Triptych - Demon Hunter, A Deathgrip On Yesterday - Atreyu, and The Poison - Bullet For My Valentine!
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Meh. They were alright I guess. I liked the music, but the metal-esque clean vocals bugged me.
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they are definately not nu metal! but yes they are awesome for sure!
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sorry to say buddy, but they actaully are nu metal. they are one of the two numetal bands that i respect. but i dont really like them that much.
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The are nu-metal but I used to like one or two of the songs off their first cd. I don't really care for them anymore at all now, that was a while ago.
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A friend put "The Soldier Song' in a battle scene in our english video and it kicked ass.

Beyond that, I cant say Im interested in them
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Quote by Unbending_Soul
no way theyre too good to be nu metal

as far as im concerned there are two numetal bands to respect, one is Demon Hunter. and one is Deftones. so theyre still respectable and everything, theyre just not metalcore.
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Quote by Unbending_Soul
no way theyre too good to be nu metal
How can a band be so good that it changes genres? Do you realise how stupid you sound?
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hey threadstarter, have you ever listened to Soul Embraced? i have a feeling youll like them. they have the same kind of feeling Demon Hunter has, you should check them out.
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cuz 99.9999999999999% of nu metal bands suk
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Id say their nu-metal too. but they aren't bad for one
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Quote by Unbending_Soul
cuz 99.9999999999999% of nu metal bands suk

Quote by JobForACowboy
um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
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Definitely nu-metal. I dont see what's so special about them for all the publicity they get.
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Who cares if it's labeled as Nu Metal or not? Will that make you like it any less? (for those of you that like it)
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ugh, shame. Good band defiled with that label.

<3 :]
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yeah it's definitely metalcore not nu metal...KoRn and Slipknot is nu metal and they dont sound n e thing like those retarded bastards so u can have ur opinions but they're definitely not nu metal and Demon Hunter's f*cking awsome...
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I love the trptych.... it was my favorite album for a while... The soldier song and deteriorate were the best
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People spend so much time defining genres......Sad really......Good band though
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Eh, messages are good. Musical talent is rather lacking in all the members. That being said, I did purchase two of their cds.
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so if they are "nu metal" then what are =they mixed in with.

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I'm quite addicted to Undying...and I'm Christian so I don't have any problem with the lyrics.

Demon Hunter rocks!
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