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QUit listening to this crap... there's so much better stuff to listen to and play than hardcore

Plus it pisses me off when hardcore and screamo bands tour with punk bands...

Nobody going to a punk or ska show wants to hear that guitar-raping cacophony...

Just... why? Why do you listen to it? ((O.o))
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Not that i disagree...but why bother posting?
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if you knew what real hardcore was you wouldnt be making this thread. REAL know bands like Black Flag and Minor Threat, is the foundation for what you percieve as 'Punk" music. Black Flag was Stomping in faces before that b|itch ass Greenday fag even picked up a guitar. so stfu. bands like Taking Back Sunday and Bullet For My Romance Blood Valentine Death Flower are NOT Hardcore, they are merely trying to find a genre in which to cram their sh|tty n00b music

and by the way, are you saying these ****ty hardcore bands, dont belong at a show with "REAL" punk bands like THE OFFSPRING!?!?! blasphemy!!!!!! the offspring being labeled as true punk is like labelling a retarded kid Goth because his lunch box is black.
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I agree with Jackson ^!!!!!!!
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Why do you listen to Green Day, you arrogant fuck?
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dumb ****
Don't play what's there, play what's not there.
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Well, for a start, playing good hardcore takes much more skill than some dumb three chord punk, and second, why do you care why we listen, just because you don't like it doesn't mean that it should be outlawed.

And yeah, why the hell did you even post?