I know that the other day I was loving the Epiphone Casino, but I saw a Gretsch Duo Jet double cut with a bigsby and saw that malcomb young played a duo jet..... now how are they for punk? (real punk)like Black Flag, the Clash and X as well as the neil young foos and Nirvana stuff I was talking about with the casino?

I should just apply for a job at one of the local music stores.... I shouldn't have much trouble..... 40,000 people in a town with 5 guitar shops. Crazy. there are always help wanteds up.....
You should have no troubles pulling off the Foo Fighters with a Gretsch. Dave has used the White Falcon, Country Club, Duo Jet, and most likely more. For the other bands, you could probably make it work depending on your current setup (amp, pedals, etc.).