Hey, I've heard this song several times (not on the radio) and I REALLLY wanted to know what it's called/who it's by

the main chorus is: "nothing can change the shape of things to (nothing can )come (change the shape of things to come)"

it was kinda fast paced and I'm think it was a pretty well-known, famous song.
go to the radiostations website and remeber what time it was on and most stations usually post what song was play when
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^^x2He said he hadn't heard it on the radio.

However, if you're ever in a similar position where you have heard it on the radio, go to yes.com and look up your station. They had backlogs for 24 hours.

Cool site.
hey, the Slade version is cool, but it's not the version I'm thinking of, probably the original version, it had a british-pop-invasion-yardbirds-kinks sound to it...
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Cool site.
very cool site indeed.
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The song 'Shape of Things To Come', was done in 1968 by Max Frost and the Troopers, and was a protest song, and part of the soundtrack for the movie 'Wild In The Streets'.....
SWEET thank you so much pamj lol you reminded me of the kick ass song by circle jerks
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SWEET thank you so much pamj lol you reminded me of the kick ass song by circle jerks

I love that Circle Jerks song.
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