are there any cabinets for a cheap price..b/c i have enough money for a Line 6 HD75 head but i dont have the 500 for the cabinet. any suggestions for a cheap one, or even some kind of substitution?
i have a tube combo already, and im ready to step it up...i have a peavey studio pro 112 65 watt
i have a tube combo already, and im ready to step it up...i have a peavey studio pro 112 65 watt and im going to sell it so that will be like...200 bucks more.
IMO I don't think its good to go from a tube combo to a solid state half stack, thats a step down
metal and stuff...and i really like how the line 6's have the clean, crunch, metal, and insane level...i have a dist. pedal...but its not enough for me...and when i use the lead channel on my amp i dont like the way it sounds
1. you do not have a tube amp
2. get a tube combo - anything with 30 watts or more and it will blow away the half stacks you're wanting
3. please don't buy a solid state half stack - people bleed from the ears when they have to listen to some of those horrible sounds - especially coming from line 6
if he plays metal, he'll be disapointed with a tube combo, unless he is satsified with using pedals for his sound.

and note, he plays metal. Some metal players like SS power, its a preference, but its a preference none-the-less.

i dont agree wit hthose peopel who will tell you what to buy. They arnt even suggetions people!!! ...go out and play some stuff my friend, and find out the sounds you want to achieve. Maybe check in to what the guys in your favorite bands play if you arnt too sure what kind of sound you want.

i am not a fan of digital/ss amplifers, but line 6 does do a hell of a job making some pretty good high gain tones. Personally, for high gain tones, i like mesa boogie, or marshall mode four, but if you like the sounds coming from a line 6, then it is definitly somethign you should look into. You might want to invest a good amount of money into a good cabinet though, it really shapes your sound. You can use an aweosme head with a crappy cab, and it wont do the head justice. Hold back, and save up a bit more. Or pay it off monthly.

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The Line 6 ones are fantastically bad amps. Don't get one. They sound really uber digital.

One more vote for a tube combo.
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