I was looking through cables, one was 10 bucks, one was 40 bucks..like a fender/planet waves to a "monster", now when i buy "little" stuff, i like to get the best ones, but just a question, how much do the quality of your cables even effect your playing?
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get monster cables.
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im kind of new to guitar playing..but ive been through many a cable...i will educate you of my experiences...

fender california cables...very stiff
monster cables- great...but way expensive
planet waves curcuit breaker - awesome
whirlwind- AMAZING

hope that helps
It effects it a lot because if my cables broke I'm completely screwed. Thats why I get my cables from my friend's dad, they have a lifetime guarantee and they are only 8 bucks. He works for some big audio company, so he can get all of that crap for a really cheap price.
dont buy cheap cables, they wear out and sound bad
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The effects of bad cables is noise, low sound and general bad contact among others.

The general rule about equiment, which people seem to forget: YGWYPF - You Get What You Pay For.
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^ thats true.. i have some 5 dollar no brand name cables, and if in the correct possition i can actually heard some radio station through my amp... but when i use my 30 dollar monster cables, no such thing happens... but i lost my monster cable ! =/
Mogami is pretty good. Planet waves cables are good, but don't get the adjustable length ones, tehy aren't as great as normal ones.