umm, well i know a lot of other threads have been closed because of this but....
i'm not good at writing lyrics at all, and so i was wondering if someone could give me a short phrase to use as a chorus to build a good song off of. I think it might be extremely easier to write lyrics if i know what the music should be about, then trying to tihnk about what it should be about. so pleez dont give me all the "write your own ****ing music" and "Ug's reached an all time low." I dont need a whole song, i need an inspiration.

so thx, and i hope this doesnt get closed
I'm sorry but I am going to have to say to write your own music, but I'll give you some tips. Don't sit around and think about writing something; just get it off of your mind and they will come to you. Write about things that personally affect you. I hope that helps, and good luck.
Thats how I start to write lyrics. Just think of a phrase with mysterious meaning, or just something original, and start writing!
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