ok i've been recording alot lately and i've been getting varied results but i'm REALLY CONFUSED on what mics to use where. bear with me cuz my gear may not be the best. i have:

a really ancient tascam mixer with 4 channels
for mics:
A Shure SM589 (yes i know that its a live vocal mic)
Audio Technica ATM29HE
2 "shure brothers" unidyme III mics (crap)
a casio karokee mic
don't ask me where i got the bad mics.

anyway i generally use the audio technica for the snare, the SM58 as an overhead, 1 unidyme over the ride and right tom, and the other in the bass. i dont use the kareokee mic. hehe.

please help
oh my birthday is also coming up, and any excuse to try and get money from my parents is a good one. i was looking at the UB1202 mixer and the AT2020. any other suggetions
any other help would be appreciated.

thanks alot

sounds like youre doing the best you can with your crap gear
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i would spend the money on the mics first than the mixer... Try and get a drum mic'ing package, they are a lot but it will be a lot less confusing and more organized....Try and get that for ur birthday and then save up for and interface or multitracket or sumthing. But get good mics, Good Luck,

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we don't need an interface , we have the line six UX2. what mic package would you recommend. thanks for the help
if you waNT great results get some sm57s for the tomsand snares , and beta 52 for kick
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Like someone said, AKG do good drum packages. They have one which had a D112 [for kick], 3 or 4 C418s [for the toms] and 2 C1000s [for overheads, which can also be used for things like acoustic guitar] which is ideal. You could then use your SM58 for the snare.
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