It's relly cool in the beginging, then it gets uber cool for the harmonized part... then it's just meh. Does not really seem to go anywhere for a whiel... then it gets decint again for the end.
its impressive, thats for sure. the rhythm guitar is a bit too distorted though. but who really cares about rhythm guitar right? haha. the lead was awesome. like the other guy said, the middle section with the tapping was a bit odd, but the ending with the sweep picking was very impressive. sounds good. nice work.
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
You're tone was pretty ****, but its ok. You have ok chops, but it wasnt very interesting to start, good, but nothing special. Harmony was good. Excellent tapping part, then it fell into pento wank. Nice sweep ending though, a little cliche, but when you sweep, its hard not to be.

Overall, very clean, good to listen to, not too long, and again, good chops, good job.

crit for crit?
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Alright, the tone on the rythm was unbearable. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and say that the recording gear you used was lousy... But roll back on the distortion, and use a better EQ setting.

Lead tone was also a bit too distorted. But as far as the playing goes, it was alright. I say alright because after the harmonized part, it just got really aharmonic and was just kinda, well, it didn't fit. The sweep ending was good. I'm impressed cuz I can't sweep (yet), but it flowed and worked.

Overall, I'd give it a 6/10. Try to re-record without the rythm being so distorted, and with a different lead after the harmony.

Now, I'm gonna be a ***** and ask for honest crit from you. Thanks!

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