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Oww! I guess you learned a valuable lesson about playing with fire near your guitar!


Dude leave it. It looks very nice. Adds character! and it'll leave you a memory you can laugh at with your friend for years to come!

I agree, it does add character. But never play with fire around your guitar if you like it. If you don't like it, mail it to me.
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no i'm not winding you up. The burning worked on other guitars' strings like a charm...I told my friend to change the strings on my strat while I was cleaning up after a party I had. holy **** people, i've posted this thread asking a question. I might consider keeping it now but I still want to try and take it out, and I won't kick my friend's ass because unlike some people [b[I can forgive my friends for making stupid mistakes.


friends dont buy you a guitar, friends dont always help you out with money. So yeah, something like that u own cost money...., you shouldve kept it in your house and buy some damn wire clippers >.<
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