hey, i got an brand new vox amp. beauty. its 50 w, with a ton of great sounds. but when i got its "uk modern" sound(distorsion) on, with my volume up to about 6-8, and the master almost all the way, and the volume pretty much all the way, it will feedback when im not playing.im not facing the amp, but im about 2-3 feet away from it. the powersource was right under it so im not sure if that will contribute. i gig frequently, and im thinkking of putting the amp settings to about 3-4 to what i want, and just micing it fairly loudly. but any suggestions? help would be wicked!
well i think ur a little close.
i guess u can buy a suppressor.

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Turn down the volume on your guitar a bit and it should help. If you get a noise supressor stay away from the Boss one. It doesn't work that great for feedback reduction.
Plus there are lots of things you can do to your guitar that cut way down on feedback. ie. dipping the pickups in wax or "shielding the beast" where the entire inside cavity of the guitar is coated in metallic paint (thats correct isn't it?). Plus don't stand so close to your amp!
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For when you gig, you wont be 2-3 feet close to your amp.
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i remember i got a roland 30 w and the speaker that was put in could handle the wattage that my amp gave out and it squealed like a little school girl. the noise suppressor pedal by ISP works good.
I have this issue with my setup and it takes alot of volume control on the guitar, especially with hotter pickups, to manage to higher gain. A noise gate will help a little, but you dont want to color your tone or anything. I usually have the volume like 5 or 6 on any of my guitars.
Even in practice I stand 10 feet away from my amps and it doesnt matter.

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