Okay guys/Priest,

here it is the rough sketch for my project starting by the end of this month (may).
I am making this a metal only guitar for i have a jazz type guitar and an all around guitar.
In the pic there is a middle single pup but i couldnt find and eraser in biology....so...its a dual humbucker guitar with either emg 85 active in the bridge and a 65 in the neck, or I will go with my faveorite Bill Lawrences....so im still deciding....


Bill Lawrence or EMG 85 active/65
RG Style neck, or custom neck, (might get my friends rg neck for free so)
Tun-o-matic bridge
strung thru body
High Gloss black body with Black Hardware
Two Tone and One Volume Pots.

*TO DO*(will edit as i go along)

Here's the rough sketch
Picture 001.jpg
looks goood
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Nice dude. I'd suggest a slightly rounded end on the horn - don't take anything away from it, but just round the edge. Oh, and if you put the volume knob(s) closer to the bridge, it'll be easier to do volume swells or to cut it off if you need to. That's going to be sweet man! Keep the updates comin'!
Pretty ugly design imo...not digging the body shape.
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Trying to poke an eye out? Nice specs, bad shape!
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this is the whole reson for the guitar, its different, something i can say no body has, different things make you stand out in a crowd, this is supposed to be like iron priest's V build, he's using an ugly 80's paint scheme, while im using rlly....well i dunno, but its different and i will be making more designs today becuz im finished with my exams and my HS is gay and we have like block schedule where we have 3 classes for 2 1/2 hours each so ill bring my pad and be drawing today..maybe ill find a better body desgin...any suggestions?
alright now im gettin sum nice mahogony for cheap becuz my instructor/old friend has a supplier that makes furniture with rlly nice wood and he occasionally makes a guitar so he is gonna see if he can get me some nice mahogony for either free or very cheap....also today in art class i realized we have a belt sander and a band saw...so i asked my teacher if i can get to use it when i get my wood soon....so ima get it cut out like the day i get the wood!! this project will pickup soon....
body looks sort of a airline guitar (or whatever the name of the guitar is that jack white uses)...
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