The Ibanex RG370DX I can get it for only $359. Is this worth it? It seems like it to me. I'll change the pickups to EMG 81 actives.
that is the guitar i have in my lap right now. great guitar. check it out.
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Their're definatly good guitars, but keep in mind that the trem is bound to give you problems as time goes by. That aside, you should go for it if you're thinking of installing an Original Floyd Rose later on.
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The trem will cause alot of tuning problems, but if you replaced the bridge and the pickups then yes, the RG350DX would be an awesome guitar.

Does anyone know if any good bridges can replace the Edge III without any routing?
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basswood body + emg's = very trebly me thinks. if you want a metal get a rg321 instead it has a mahogany body and thats better for the emgs than having the basswood
I was going to change the Edge III to an Original Floyd Rose anyways, I forgot to add that in. If the EMGS are too trebly, I'll get dimarzios. What do you suggest for the middle pick up?
Adding an Original Floyd Rose will add another about roughly $200++ to it. Just the Schaller licenced floyd rose is $200. IMO youre better off buying the S470 or the RG1570 prestige. I also doubt that it will fit perfectly well in the Edge III bridge.
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yep madpickin03 knows the **** with ibanez and if your gonna get a floating trem get the rg1570 prestige model. or the s470
ibanez r a great guitar, if i was u id go for the 1570 but for the price of the 370 its a great buy
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359 is pretty NOT low...., especially over here since they cost only 350 and 9 dollars....

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Ibanez Rg570,550,470(dunno the #), 540 (i think) u should check those out on ebay. 470 or i think 460 or w/e is sometimes also japanese but for some reason also korean. dunno about that one?