On my Dmusic there is a calm riff simply titled "calm riff" that I made and I was thinking of taking it and expanding it into a whole song. Which direction should I go? Keep it calm throughout, or Get heavier about midway?
My dmusic
Sounds really good, although in places the timings a bit sketchy, but considering you weren't using a metronome, its all good

I think you should layer a distorted slow emotional solo in over the chords just after the arpeggioos on the intro, then mve it on into something heavier.
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I like it. I can see it expanding into a whole song, but it's definitely gonna need some vox. Maybe someone who can sing like good ol' Zakk? Definitely sounds BLS influenced. Nice man.

Perhaps a critique of my stuff? I'd appreciate it. Link in the sig, the thread to post crit is "Jam in F# Major"