alright...so, criticize all you want about how corny or something it is. i like it, although the song defenately needs a lot of tweaking like changing some stupid small words to better (more sophisticated?) words. feel free to say what you want.

VERSE 1-------------------------------------------------
Sitting in the mall, looking back and forth
Sometimes our world can be colder than the north
Sometimes it feels like too much to take
But just when you realize your no fake
You stop, and realize one thing?
No matter how hard you look, or where,
The thought is always lingering in your hair,
She?s around?not here or there,
Just stop looking everywhere.
VERSE 2----------------------------------------
Walking through the amusement park,
Wandering around till falls the dark,
No one to find?you just want to fly
Still all alone, no one to kiss goodbye,
You stop, and realize one thing?
VERSE 3---------------------------------------------
Passing through the street, minding your own,
Temperature has fallen, chilling to the bone,
As you walk on the street, you watch the cars,
In a dark alley you stop and gaze at the stars? ?Thinking?
Why does it have to be me?
Sitting underneath that tree
All alone. In the dark,
Peeling off the bark?
Hello? Who are you?
Are you lonely too?
An angel from above?
As beautiful as a dove?
I wasn?t even looking,
And there she was.
No were here, all alone?
No TV no phone,
Whisper in my ear I love you?
And I?ll whisper back.

........should i also mention its the first full song ive wrote?
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LOL...well, hey...i was trying to get a rhyme going. i might change it up a bit...but oh well, its not that bad........is it?