so i did this a few weeks back and got so frustrated with it i put it aside...im pretty much setting myself up for embarrassment, there are several timing issues, the solo is wack, and i cant sing for the life of me, not to mention sing JEWEL....but yea i made up a lot of the parts and i guess i just really like this song, so let me know what you think (haha at least the effort was there)....you'll have to turn it up a bit too it's rather quiet for some reason

Hands (Jewel)
Nothing to be embarrassed about. Music is relative.

I liked the use of effects and I thought the solo was fine. Jewel is hard to sing, so it's understandable, but the vocals could use some fine tuning. Good try, though.
that is is the coolest version of hands i have ever heard!!! i give you props for doing that i want to play it now.
I'd keep singing if I was you, it's fine and will continue to get better. I think its a good job.
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I really like it...you have a good voice, you just need to adjust them a little. It almost sounds like the vocals are too low in your range in that octave, and while singing it up an octave might not be a good solution, you can try to make your sound a little brighter by adding a little emotion, and singing in your head a little more.

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