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I know this is dangerously close to all the other threads you get asking about 'what songs should I play', but I'd like to broaden my collection a bit..

At the moment i've got artists like JJ, D matthews, goo goo dolls, nick drake, extreme plus loads others.

I just want to know of non mainstream artists out there who do a lot of acoustic stuff.


bright eyes, willy mason, ray lamontange, wilco, hayden, i know u said stuff that wasnt mainstream but niel young, bob dylan, the beatles acoustic stuff, johnny cash,...all that stuuf is great stuff
Cheers.. i'm particularly looking for Nick Drake type stuff... just a guitar and vocals, nothing else. I particularly like nick drake because some of his recordings are really rough - you can hear fret buzz all over the place, some loose notes etc. I like stuff like that ... there's more feeling in it.

yea have u heard black eye dog thats a really good one. bright eyes has a couple of really good ones just him and the guitar "lau" is one (if not spelled that way it lua) also "this is the first day of my life" and also "the bottom of every thing" that one isnt just him and an acoustic guitar but there are no drums on it. uhm also willy mason has a few really good acoustic songs that are rough, and so does ray lamontange. i know what u mean that really kinda rough recordings. u know have u heard the bob dylan documentary "no direction home" soundtrak cause there are two cds that come with it one is all alternate takes from his electric set and the other is all alternate takes from his acoustic set and the acoustic is that real rough recording stuff that is really good. but check lime wire for the artist i listed above if u have it cause that stuff is awesome. have u ever heard of willy mason, and ray lamontange? i know bright eyes is a lil more mainstream then them
Hmm...perhaps a little bit more refined then what you're looking for, but Howie Day (yes, Collide, I know I know, but its not his best song) is someone good to look at. Especially before he played with a band. He'd play by himself, but would have 4 pedals running...two to his vocals and two to his guitar. One each for looping and like a chorusing effect, but especially when performing live, he would play 4 or 5 parts ,and loop them all together as he was going along. Cool stuff....if this doesn't make any sense, I'll edit it later this morning, its just before 4am here....

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Yeah, I have heard black eye dog, it's one of my faveroute nick drake songs. Thanks guys for all the suggestions, this has helped a lot. You seem to know your stuff I'll check some of these guys out.

Elliott Smith
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iono if dashboard confessional is "mainstream" but he (chris carraba) has some good songs. there's also this new guy named dave melillo. check out "knights of counter island" something along those lines at

oh yea..i know that you prolly don't like ryan cabrera, i'm a chick and i don't even like him that much, but i must say that his ability to play is quite amazing. if u don't believe me, go to and search his name and look under videos and watch "exit to exit" live performance and try to do that part he does in the middle of the song (when the clock is at 2:25). maybe i'm just a newb, but it amazes me..
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Go there, sign up, search for an artist or song of which you'd like to find more songs of that style, and WHAM!
It makes a radio station which you can skip and return to songs. Totally interactive, and customisable. Just don't forget to click "guide us!" and say either "I like it" or "I don't like this" so the program can widen its database.
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lmao. scary part is, those guys are actually good. guess the jokes on them.

ps: sorry i wasnt much help, these guys covered most everything else i could think of
John Butler. I didn't see if anyone said him already, but if they didn't then they should have.
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Well I've got a couple of good Canadian acts for you to look into. First of all... Dallas Green's side project City and Colour is primarily just him and his acoustic guitar. Amazing stuff... all have odd tunings and the music is kind of Emo in the same style as Dashboard Confessionals. Another great band is Stabilo. They have two vocalists/guitarists one of which always plays his acoustic. These guys are amazing song writers and put on an unreal live show. Definitely check out the new cd "Happiness and Disaster". If you are interested in Stabilo maybe we can work together to figure out some of the new tunes... I've started a few tabs for them.

And now that I think about it... another great songwriter who has a more southern feel to him is Sam Beam aka Iron & Wine. Definitely check out his stuff!
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Elliott Smith

his earlier stuff at least
you want a challenging song, try Angeles by him
the scene aesthetic is pretty sweet
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It violates the strictly guitar and voice stipulation, but these guys are so good you'll get over it. Hot Buttered Rum. Every single instrument in the band is acoustic. They play modern bluegrass, and they kick ass at it too. Usually most modern attempts at bluegrass aren't that good, but these guys are flippin awesome. Even long-time bluegrass lovers love these guys. And by long term I mean 60+ years.
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elliot smith definitely
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The band Nickel Creek is a violinist, guitarist, and a mandolinist. I enjoy it quite a bit. Each band member also seems to have their own records where the others are more featured as guests. The guitarist is Sean Watkins, and he has some good stuff.

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This **** will BLOW YOUR MIND.
Go there, sign up, search for an artist or song of which you'd like to find more songs of that style, and WHAM!
It makes a radio station which you can skip and return to songs. Totally interactive, and customisable. Just don't forget to click "guide us!" and say either "I like it" or "I don't like this" so the program can widen its database.

Dude I went to that it is unreal by far one my fav sites it surpasses BEBO to by up to the level of this site
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Elliott Smith

AH PHOOEY you beat me to it.

Yeah elliot smith a thousand times over. Angeles is hard as hell
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his earlier stuff at least
you want a challenging song, try Angeles by him

AH PHOOEY you beat me to it too...
Dallas Green. He's mainstream here in Canada but I don't know about other places. His song "Save You Scissors", is so easy and fun to play. Try it.
Bob Dylan
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Michelle Branch... her music is just amazing.
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Rocky Votolato is worth a listen.

Some songs-
*Suicide Medicine
*I'll Catch You
*White Daisy Passing
*Portland is Leaving

Also Ben Kweller's acoustic song Lizzy.
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elliot smith definitely

I second. I'm still trying to figure out the little fingerstyle solo in Somebody That I Used to Know. He's unreal--easily, almost unquestionably the most talented artist of the 90's.
BigBang will amaze you, they are mainly based around earlier rock with many pop similarities, acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies. Since they havent really had an international breakthrough I dont consider them mainstream. Be sure to check them out!
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Definitely Stabilo...these guys are awesome. Their new CD is great but if you want to here some really good acoustic rock check out their earlier albums when they were known as Stabilo Boss.
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Slightly Stoopid is pretty good, I dunno if they're acoustic based but they have more than a full album's worth of acoustic songs
I second Elliot Smith and Nickel Creek.

Anyone mention Iron and Wine yet?

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any thing off dashboard confessionals swiss army romance cd.thats all great stuff
Indigo Girls. All acoustic, all pretty sweet sounding.
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If you like Jack J. you'll love G. love and Special Sauce... well maybe. but they are the same kinda acoustic groove some of their songs are atleast. hmm Damien Rice aswell. and i know this sounds cliche but John Frusciante's solo work is all acoustic and imo amazing.
Beck has an acoustic album called "Sea Change" an there are some songs on there that are fun to learn, but that is also pretty mainstream.
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