does anyone know what kind of bass flea plays in the knock me down video or in the solo of fight like a brave?
I'm guessing it's either a Modulus or a MusicMan, but I can't be sure, I have'nt seen the vids. I was gonna try Youtube, but it's currently down.
Of all the basses he uses, the MusicMan Stingray his his best. To my knowledge (which may or may not be incorrect) he used one throughout Blood Sugar and I think he still uses one to this day. Stingrays rule, hands down.
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It's a spector though I don't know what model

the only man who answered correctly. USA series. The Spector was his main bass pre-Stingray in the 80s. Ignore everyone elses remarks about the vintage J (wasn't used before Stadium Arcadium's recording), the Modulus (wasn't used before Californication's recording), and the MusicMan (wasn't used before Mother's Milk).


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His Stingrays were never his top recording bass, but for a long time were his top live bass.

In the early 80s, he started out with a P-bass and a Spectre. On MM, he began to use a Stingray in light for recording. From that era until he got his signature Modulus in 1996, it was his top live bass. For BSSM, all the 4 string tracks (except for I could have lied) were recorded on a Wal Mach II bass. All the 5 string tracks (The Righteous and the Wicked, Funky Monks... I'm probably forgetting one more song... yeah.) were recorded on a Stingray 5 string. He uses a Stingray 5 in the music video for Under the Bridge... but that's not what it was recorded on. That's just the music video. One Hot Minute was recorded with an Alembic Epic on every song except for Aeroplane (Stingray) and Pea. All of Californication was recorded with his Modulus (except for Road trippin - Pea and I could have lied were done with ABG's, but the Tacoma's first real usage was in Road trippin.), and ditto with BTW.

However, it should be noted that Stadium Arcadium was recorded with his vintage jazz bass. And it should also be noted that his signature Modulus was basically just a supped up MusicMan, and that he used the Wal Mach II to go for a MusicMan sound.

hope you got what you wanted out of that.
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actually, he used stingrays before mothers milk (tough don't know if he used them for both recordings and live or just live...)

And it's indeed a Spector... I recognise that shape like no other... And I assume it's indeed a USA series, either a NS-2 or NS-4. My guess it's a NS-2 because that's the most fameous Spector model.
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I've got to say that his bass tracks on Stadium Arcadium are great sounding.

That Jazz bass sits in the mix really well (At least on Jupiter, I haven't begun listening to Mars yet, I wanna take in all of Jupiter).

His Wal basses sound so great. But then again so do most Wal's.

Too bad what happened...
ok well i knew it wasnt a fender ,musicman ,or a modulus, but thanks people. im gettin a musicman soon too not that that has to do with anything.