Hey, this is my first post on the board. I'm thinking of buying an Agile guitar. However, I'm confused about a few things.

First, is there a substantial difference between the AL-3000 and the Al-3500? It looks like it's just that the AL-3500s have Gotoh bridges and "improved" Alnico Vs. Is this really worth the $160 price jump? Actually, I just noticed that the Top thickness on the 3500 is 3/4", whereas on the 3000, the thickness is 1/16". Is this what makes the price jump? And would the tonal diference really be that distinct?

Also, would it make more sense for me to just buy the 3000, but then upgrade the pickups? Someone mentioned that they offered Agile with Seymour Duncans, and they even mention them on their Agile Spec Comparison Page, but they don't seem to offer the guitar anymore.

Also, this may be a redundant question after reading all the random Agile forum threads, but is it generally agreed that a $400-500 Agile will sound better than a $400-500 Epiphone?
They seem to run out of stock of guitars a lot. That's why you'll see some disappear and pop up again every now and then .

I would take an Agile over an Epiphone if they were the same price.

The 3/4" maple cap is a lot thicker than a 1/16" veneer. Maple is a brighter tonewood, and it kind of balances out mahogany. I actually like the middieness of mahogany, so I usually actually prefer a veneer (It'll depend on a guitar to guitar basis ).

If I were you, I would buy an AL-3000 and put either High Order Pickups or Golden Age Pickups in it.
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Hmm i would go with the 3000 if i were you. On that note what about the 2800 to the 3000? Same kinda deal, are the better electronitcs etc, worth it? I dont think ill be worried about the pickups because i would get the high output ones on the slim profile.
The 3000 used to be Agile's best deal. But this year they reduced maple cap thickness to 1/16". (it used to be 3/8")

Now the best deals are the AL3000M (with a 3/4" maple cap) and the AL3000 Duncan (with Duncan Jazz/JB pickups)

AL3000M is a better deal than regular AL3000
AL3500 Duncan is a better deal than the regular AL3500

The Duncan model is an exceptionally good deal because you're getting SD pickups for only $100. It would cost you considerably more to replace the pickups on your own.

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I prefer the look of the standard 3000 (3-ply cream / black binding) over the 3000M (single-ply maple binding), although the 3000M is more on par with the 3500 models in terms of specs. I personally went with an all-mahogany 3000 and upgraded pickups and hardware. At the time, based on the options Rondo ordered, it was the best deal for me.

I agree with Armored Artist on his take on it.
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Thanks for all the help! BTW, do you guys know where I could find a site that reviewed pickups? I've never really heard of these High Order or Golden Age pickups before, for example, and I wouldn't mind reading up on them.

Go to the user reviews. Pretty much the only website that I trust for reviews.

EDIT: Golden Age pickups are under Stewart Macdonald.

The guy at high order pickups make pickups CUSTOM MADE for you. For $60? It's hard to do better than that
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
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I can't speak about the new maple cap but I opted for the AL-3000 from last year and swapped out pickups for Swinesheads. Everything else on the guitar is acceptable to excellent so that's all I've done. Absolutely a great guitar. I'm about $500 in it and would be hard pressed to find another LP type that I'd spend as much on.
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