Okay, I am really dumb when it comes to stuff like this. I bought a BOSS GT8 pedal 6 months ago and I still have not got the right sound out of it. I have a Peavey 6505+ head and the matching cab for it. Is using the GT8 with the 6505 a bad combination? All the effects always sound distorted and never right. I have messed with the settings on the pedal and everything and still cant get the right sound. Also it is always a pain to switch from effects to my heads gain (since it sounds 10x better than anything that pedal can produce). Is this pedal a good thing to have for a serious gigging band? I always notice that most bands have a board with multiple stomp boxes scattered on it. Is the overall sound better with a custom pedal board? When I'm not using the GT8 and I'm going straight from the amp, the sound is A LOT better and it sounds beefier. The effects dont sound "natural" if that makes any sense at all. Can someone please give me some advice? Sorry that this was long and probably confusing haha, but thanks for any help!
^The not sounding "natural" is typical of digital effects...one digital multi effects doesn't sound very good compared to a few seperate analogue pedals. Not a very unusual problem. I'd sell it
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Yep, sell it and buy seperate stomp boxes for the effects you need.

If you get chorus, a compressor, delay, and wahwah.. you're pretty much covered for most stuff.