not 24 hours ago i have got my first pedal! wooohoooo, the pedal is a multi effect ZOOM G2.1U
i would like to hear your opinion about that pedal and i need some help with it...

ok so the thing is..... HOW THE HELL DO I USE IT?!
ive read the manual twice and i still cant figure out how to use it proparly.... so i was wondering if there is an online manual or something like that that can explain better how to use that pedal they way it should be used...

and another question... one thing i could do is turn on the acoustic effect, but it does not sound at all like an acoustic guitar! it sounds exacly like clean electric! (just like it did before i had the pedal and distortion was off on the amp!) so whats the deal with acoustic effect?

apologies for the second thread....the comp got stuck and i didnt see that it got posted so i thought it didnt
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you should sell/ return it and buy a simple wah or a tubescreamer those are worth your $$. multi-effects are hard to use and often sound digitized and fake, a good dunlop wah or a ibanez tube screamer do wonders for your sound.