i'm doing an art project for design class and i need a song that relates to my topic of "freedom versus confinement". any songs about this?
national anthem hendrix style?
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my life was nearly crushed the day i found out twinkle twinkle little star, Bah Bah black sheep and the Alphabet song are all the same
There is a line in Wish You Were Here that relates to freedom and confinement.
"Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage"
Other than that I can't think of any.
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Yeah thinkin of it wish you were here got plenty of those freedom/confinement type of phrases.
Stone free by Jimi Hendrix?
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yo tambien
What the hell's a tambien?
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its like basic math. 1 + -1 = 1
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national anthem hendrix style?

id have to say thatd do it, the drug induced haze feel in the middle...it really gets the confusion, and the pride across. beautiful.
the project deals with drawing a picture with lyrics from a song dealing with my topic.