Uh, really dislike the vocals. You sound off key or something...one other issue is that you lack a gender...are you a hoarse throated female, or a male with a strange voice? The vocals just sound really off...

Lyrics are simplistic, and guitar isn't helping.

Sorry, 2/10.
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It's really cool, i really like it. There's a few places where your singing sounds a bit off and i'm not fussed on the ending. In my opinion i think this would make a very good song if you were to record it with a band. I'm not an emo fan but this has potential. Any chance of a tab and lyrics?

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typing as i listen
really like the vocals
acoustic is a nice backing
but could do with some drums just a kind of tapping on the rim or sumthing to keep timing
i like the 'solo' thing, it keeps to the original chord pattern yet still stands out, really like it
it reminds me of something but i cant remember what
very nice ending

thumbs up! i give it a 8 1/2! good job man!

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Oh, and azza, you're a pretty good writer! Graybass is a god amongst men and you're turning real quick to be his new messiah lol.

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You're doing good, mate.

Keep up the good work.

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Haha, thanks guys. As for Queen, I'm pretty sure I'm a guy.

The vocals are meant to be simplistic. It's a one line song, the lyrics are extremely personal, and the vocal melody accompanying them are just as strong in my opinion. It's an angry song, and people have responded to the song in a similar manner. I think it gets across what I'm trying to say, and how I feel.

It's not supposed to be uber complicated.

And Bob, post your email I'll add you to msn, or send them to you.

Thanks again.
Ugh...... THe vocal spikes..........

Other than that its all good, 8/10
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^^ Yes, please do. I dont like the high spots, try to keep it deeper if you could. Pretty good though 7/10 for 2 off for singing 1 off for the guitar parts being the same. No offense but it sounds like you could of put this together in less than 3 hours with having recorded it. your progression is all pretty mucht he same and you have one line or lyrics.. Put some more time into this, and I think it would turn out good.
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hi there butforgrace, just heard your song and it's quite good. i think u could do with a second voice for some background singin at parts, given that the pattern of the rhythm and the chords is fairly simple (i like that simplicity, btw). dunno, that might help express the meanin imo, but it's up to u really.
on the other hand, watch out for the high-pitched parts, cos u seem to raise the volume of your singin a bit too much and u kinda lose control of your voice (u don't go out of tune, but it gives the impression that u might). i'd exercise that if i were u, imo it looks like u really can sing if u polish up some small details.
same thing goes for the song, just work on whatever u think can be improved and u'll have a real good piece. keep it up, mate

EDIT: didn't say b4, but u could try singin softer, that might have a nice effect.. and btw, i'm also interested in the lyrics and the chords, so if u have time, can u pm me or smth? thx
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Okay I Like the tone of your vocals.
Your singing is good, there are spots that needed to be cleaned up. A few off key but that happens.
Pink queen is retarded you sound like a boy dont worry.
I like this, reminds me of something, I cant think of it tho. Good job
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well if your voice strains when u sing softer, that's cos u're not usin your diaphragm properly, therefore usin just your throat. be careful with that, cos it doesn't help the sound u get, but it's not very good for your vocal chords either. try lookin for smn who can help u with that, exercise your voice and practice a lot. that way u'll improve your singin quite a lot
so who do i have to kill to get a crit? --> Memory

(e-cookie for whoever spots the alliteration, ha)

y cuando llegue el momento, sólo el viento se llevará lo que siento; y cuando acabe mi suerte, sólo en la muerte estaré fuerte y despierto...