I have 10 gauge strings on, I like them like that coz the sustain is better.. but lately ive been noticing pain in the tip of my fingers especially when bending and so on...

Ive been playin for about a year, I thought its something like the initial pain I used to get until I got callouses, but this pain been around for quite a while now and Im gettin worried now.

Any suggestions please?
10's shouldn't hurt your fingers at all. How long have you been using them, the full year? Or did you just switch from a lower gauge?
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hmm.. do you use two fingers when bending?
if i take a break from playing for a while.. sometimes i get sick and it goes weeks without playing much, i ususallly get that pain when i start again.
are you bending with 1 or more fingers at the same time sometimes using 2 or 3 will help
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that's normal...ben with 3 fingers avoid raising the pitch more than 1 tone....practice your scales it's good to avoid bends and it will improve your technique
Relaaax, dont worry about pains. Its normal as you move in to another step. You wont die or anything. Just keep practicing and rest for awhile until the pain goes away, then start cranking up again until that pain comes back. Do this until you dont feel anymore pain and that your callous have fully developed and hardened.

I got 11s or 12s (cant remember) on my acoustic when i first started guitar and i just play ignoring the pain coz its too fun. Thats harder than electric and i've always felt like my hands are bleeding and gashing out. And 1 time the pain is so unbearable that i stopped for a few days but when i got back it all pays, i hardly feel any pain.
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I have 12s on my jag. It's alot harder to bend on then my other guitars that have 9s/10s on. It does hurt if havent played for a while, or if my fingers have been softened by moisturizer, water etc. but youll get used to it.