I was going to go and install some pickups myself, and I need to buy a new soldering iron.

A preferable soldering iron would be a pencil style, right?
Also, what do you guys think of that Cold Heat soldering iron, is that any good?

and I'll probably need an ohm meter, right?

Oh, I'll probably be getting a Seymour Duncan SH-1N, and a SH-5 for the bridge.
Do you think I can take the stock pickups metal casing off and just put them on the new pickups?
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The regular $8 ones that are 30-40W and you get at your Radioshack or electronics store of choice work fine for anything guitar related

As for the casings: I believe that when you put them onto the the new pickups you need to pot them again (dip them in wax) so you don't get microphonics (that really bad kind of feedback) between the pickup and the cover
To remove the cover (without having to pry them off with a screwdriver), you might need a 50 watt or higher soldering iron/gun in order to melt the large amount of solder used on them. For most applications, though, a 30 watt should be fine.
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You should stay lower than 45w. Anything more powerful than that can damage your tone and volume pots if you're not careful.
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If you're intending to do any serious electronics like FX building though, I'd get a soldering iron with adjustable temperature.
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I don't think i'll be doing that anytime soon, so i'll probly just get something like 30w.

Maybe i'll buy new casings instead?
Depends on stocks too, some stock is soldered together and some just pry off once you take them out coz it uses cheap glue. Ibanez PSND S-1 for example, it'll just come off once you take out the screw.
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