Welcome home my love, where the sweet scented candles
will align your path. I will dissolve with your movements,
so that you need not see my face. For it is not guilt that
has brought me here but the sense of foreboding that will linger
in my breath. It's not the shadows in which i long to hide, for
your arms are the shelter where i crave to belong. But this
lust works harder than my brain and my heart.

"life seems easier whn you believe those beautiful things people say"
But the ribbon is thin enough to be laced to the mould of your portrait.

On the wings of a butterfly we sail, through heartache and turmoil.
Once we reach our destination i'll give you that kiss on the cheek.
you won't have to tell anybody
and neither will i.
but we'll still call it love.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
Hm. I liked it. The idea flowed well. Nothing stood out as amazing, but it was a solid piece. Good work.