Check it out:

"Now your knob gets itchy
And it hurts to water down
Cause you gave it all up
To the new slut in town

She's a ***** with a mission
Gonna take you to hell
With her crabs and diseases
You can actually smell

CH: Please, please, please
I can't resist her disease
Oh it's so bittersweet
She's diseased Louise...

She's got surprising tightness
Given she's at it each night
16 rods in one evening
Is an average alright

But when I kiss her
I'm tasting so many other guys
Imagining the sizes and shapes
Smells bring tears to my eyes


Middle 8: She's got you, she got you
She's got you coming now
It's dirty, it's greasy
But she got you comin' now.

But although she's real dirty
Don't even wash between lovers
Part of me thinks
She'd be a real good mother

Coz you can see in her eyes
She wants more than just rod
And when she's filthin' you up
She makes you feel like a god

CHORUS x2 (up one tone on second)


Baby, I'm in heaven when I touch you
You're a walking VD factory, but I think that I can love you..."
Haha, I'm sure this will make an amusing punk song someday Nothing else really to say.

As insane as it is....i really like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niiiice one xxxxxxxxxx
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holy crap that sounds like if AC/DC had a message to their music. good times man very nice put some bitching soloes in their with it.