up for sale is a schecter s1 elite with a brand new hard shell case and a new bill lawrence pickup (xl500) at the bridge... and a Dimarzio Air Norton at the neck!!!
only has a scratch above the bridge pickup.

If i get a good enough offer i might just give it up (only if the offer is good anough).
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need help uploading the pics... my camera takes them and the file size is too big (2meg). any tips would be nice.
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without case or pickup. and both pickups can be split for single coil use by pulling the tone knob out.
Would you be interested in a trade for a Gibson Faded V in worn cherry w/case??
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ok guys, its about time i get this sold, no one rely made any real offers. i am not realy interested in any trades so seriouse buyers only. personally this is probly the best guitar for the price you would be paying for it. if it wont go here ill resort to ebay...
Well, 600 for the S1, $50 for the Air Norton, $50 for the Bill Lawrence, $50 for the Gator (current retail prices, +/- some shipping). If you're asking 700, that's probably a /bit/ high, if you're asking 500, that's probably more plausible...so what is your starting point?

Beauty guitar!!

Quote by daveyostrow
without case or pickup. and both pickups can be split for single coil use by pulling the tone knob out.
i woudlnt ask for 700, shipping is the more of the issue. 600 is more in the fair range (where you from). i like the fact you got the values pretty fair too, you know its value. id feel better shipping in the case anyways, if u want it. let me know.
Trust me -- I'd love to get that guitar if I could :-) And I'll vouch for the Bill Lawrence XL500 -- those are amazing pickups!! I'm pissed at myself for letting one go recently...


a neclear color limited edition 2001 epi lp?
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i got the ipod last week at walmart i just realized i dont need it lol but ive never touched the front of the ipod i bought it & put it in the case it hasnt been out of the case
its like the latest gen